Remote system support – BBR.CMS

The BBR.CMS server software allows you to create distributed video monitoring systems, including buildings and vehicles and their remote operation from the operator / dispatcher level

More and more efficient methods data transmission cause a continuous increase in popularity of monitoring systems in a distributed architecture, with remote management from the level one application. We offer flexible, easily scalable and functionally advanced and intuitive to use CMS software. Access to building systems, vehicles and installed in outdoor areas is possible from the level application and / or web browser from different locations and by many users. BBR.CMS enables the exchange of information (including, among others, regarding the status and failures, login data, sending and receiving messages, detailed device data and their parameters as well as system logs). Are also available remote live view functions (in the form of periodically dumped photos from cameras and in liquid form), downloading data from the indicated locations with the function ordering, remote configuration and updates, alarm signal handling and system access control. Thanks to simultaneous operation of up to several hundred devices and flexibility software and configuration, you can manage the recorders from one place and cameras from most manufacturers.


Software Features:

High scalability and functionality

Wide possibilities of information and data exchange (including remote diagnostics, live view, ordering recordings, handling alarm events)

Flexible configuration with other recorders and central systems

Possibility to adapt to individual customer requirements

Support from the application level and / or from the website level

Low hardware requirements

Downloading recordings with the player allows easy transfer of data to the services