Pantograph video analysis – PG.PVA

The pantograph observation system allows for the analysis of its position in relation to the traction and the recording of flares.

In the case of setting the line of contact of the collector with the traction line outside the acceptable area or in the event of a discharge, a part of the recorded image is specially marked and blocked against overwriting. The dispatcher is informed about this fact through the management system (server software for remote operation of video monitoring systems in vehicles), which automatically downloads photos from the event with GPS position. This allows you to take actions such as on reporting the failure to the OCL administrator and subsequent clarification of disputes on the line traction owner – fleet owner / operator. Thanks to equipping the pantograph cameras with long-range infrared illuminators, the analysis is possible in all lighting conditions.

Software Features:

Analysis of the position and inclination of the pantograph in relation to traction

Analysis of traction flares

Analysis built into the camera or carried out by the recorder software

Possibility of integration with CMS and / or on-board / online diagnostics

High efficiency in all lighting conditions