Video monitoring recorder software – BBR

For over 10 years, we have been writing and developing software for recorders of video monitoring systems, which has been successfully implemented in approx. 1000 installations

The software is dedicated to work in mobile monitoring systems (in vehicles), in building systems operating in the client-server architecture and integrated systems (e.g. vehicles – depot – stops). It enables, among other things, easy integration with other installations (alarm systems, access control, passenger information, intercoms), reaction to digital inputs (e.g. opening a door in a vehicle), remote management from the dispatcher / operator level and expansion with additional image analytics modules. The flexibility of configuration allows you to create solutions tailored to individual needs and including up to several hundred recorders and cameras. BBR software supports all ONVIF-compliant cameras with live viewing, recording, playback and streaming of resolutions up to 12 Mpx.

Software Features:

H.265 compression

High reliability and functionality

Advanced image analysis functions

Easy integration with other systems in vehicles / buildings and response to external signals

E-map support for facilities with a high number of devices

Data recording from other systems (Passenger Information, POS)

Flexible configuration with other recorders and central systems

Possibility to adapt to individual customer requirements

Built-in Web Server

Data security guaranteed by media encryption

Ability to choose recording formats – mp4 or encoded format, without the possibility of playing without dedicated software