Access Control

The role of the modern access control system (AC) is to restrict access to certain places in the facility by unauthorized persons, when authorized persons are present in the protected area. It is an alternative to traditional, mechanical access control systems based on ordinary keys.

Using dedicated software, the administrator can very quickly and easily select people who are to be included in the system, set a schedule for transitions and assign access.

The basis for the operation of the access control system is user authorization. The most frequently used method of authorization in the AC system are proximity cards, which constitute a unique user identifier in the system. Where the highest level of security is required, biometric techniques can be used, where there are no problems with theft or loss of cards.

System Features:

Protection of the facility against the entry of unauthorized persons

A modern and convenient way to identify users

Cooperation with work time registration systems

Cooperation with SSWiN and CCTV systems

Software updates Gradual implementation of the system and expansion based on further access control points, etc.