Face detection and recognition

The system detects and recognizes faces in real time directly from the streams of one or more IP cameras. Identification of people complements the access control system, and also supports the work of security, marketing or process management in the company

The program creates a 3D model of the face saved in the database, which allows you to recognize people in various shots and conditions of changing lighting. The algorithm is able to determine the gender and estimate the age of a person.

It is possible to create a database of desired and undesirable persons (blacklist). After detecting a person from the base, an alarm is sent (e-mail, text message, information on the screen, signal to other systems), and the event is recorded in the history along with the date and time, camera number and a photo of the recognized person.

System Features:

Real-time multi-face detection and recognition from the video stream of cameras

Real-time alarm and recognition signal transmission to administrators

Easily add a database and search it using various filters

Possibility of saving a single face in the database and grouping of already saved faces

Registers all face images with date and time index

Simple and quick search of logging history through various filters

Face recognition even when wearing glasses, a hat or with strong make-up at an angle of up to 30 °

Determining the age and sex of a person on the basis of a face image

Possibility to use already installed IP cameras