Video surveillance in vehicles

CCTV systems in vehicles improve passenger safety and greatly support the work of the police and security services. They also play a preventive role and contribute to a decrease in the number of acts of vandalism and theft committed in public transport. EN

We offer IP systems based on our own solutions – proprietary software and devices that guarantee high-quality recording from cameras and high functionality. The software is dedicated to solutions in public transport and, in addition to recording and displaying the image, it has very wide possibilities of communication with the depot server or at the dispatcher’s position – e.g. by sending all events, live view from cameras, remote download of recordings and two-way audio communication with the vehicle driver . The dispatcher’s software is available both as an application for Windows systems and as a web application (to be operated via computers, tablets or phones). The program may also have additional image analysis functions, such as the detection of left objects, pantograph analysis, analysis of the driver’s behavior, blind spot analysis or face recognition.


System Features:

Image recording in Full HD or higher resolution

Possibility of fully remote operation of the system from the operator’s premises, including downloading (ordering) recordings, online viewing from cameras and status reporting via Wi-Fi and GSM

H.265 image compression

Functions of remote, wireless service available to the dispatcher from the level of the application and www

Easy expansion (e.g. with intelligent image analysis) and flexible configuration

System reaction to signals from the vehicle and their recording, e.g. view from mirror cameras at the entrance to the station

Possibility of integration with other systems from the vehicle – Passenger Information System, Intercom System, On-line Diagnostics, Event Recorder

Built-in accelerometer allows you to analyze the driving style of the driver (sudden starting / braking / cornering)

Proprietary software allows you to create tailor-made systems