Closed circuit television (CCTV)

Closed-circuit television systems have now become the standard in public spaces, on housing estates, shops, stations, depots and other facilities. Their application is motivated primarily by the desire to increase feeling security and limiting acts of vandalism

The use of cameras has often contributed to the identification of the perpetrators of crimes and offenses, helped to resolve disputes (e.g. in traffic accidents), and helped in finding missing people. In addition, modern video analytics tools such as such as facial recognition, determining the sex and age of people, counting objects, motion detection or creating the so-called “Heat maps” make CCTV systems work more and more automatic and can be a source of customer data for commercial and service outlets. Modern video monitoring systems are built on the basis of digital IP devices, which allow for better image quality and functionality. Remote control functions are also standard, downloading recordings, live viewing from cameras via the Internet and applications for mobile devices. IP CCTV systems are combined into one platform, including with building access control, systems alarm, fire and allow you to create integrated security systems.

System Features:

Image recording in a resolution of up to 8 Mpix

Possibility of creating distributed systems with management from one operator’s location H.265 image compression

Local and remote support functions available from the application level and www

Easy expansion (e.g. with intelligent image analysis) and flexible configuration

Possibility of integration with other systems – access control, fire protection, intrusion prevention systems

Proprietary software allows you to create tailor-made systems