Online vehicle diagnostics software

The online diagnostics software ensures the recording and wireless transmission of current information about the condition of the vehicle to the system server at the customer’s premises. Thus, the Online Diagnostics System enables remote monitoring of vehicle parameters.

The software package includes 2 modules – Collector installed in the vehicle, collecting and processing data, and the Diagnostic Server, whose task is to receive data from vehicles and their visualization, along with a user interface available in a web browser. In the event of an emergency, the operator can provide the driver with tips and instructions regarding further action. The software can collect and display in a graphical form any data according to the customer’s request (as long as they will be available in the vehicle’s CAN bus or via the Ethernet network) together with the error classification. For each of the vehicles, you can define subscriptions, i.e. define which diagnostic parameters and which link the system is to receive.

System Features:

Live view of the status of all vehicles

Vehicle status data collection

Providing instructions on how to proceed in the event of a failure

Error classification

Generating reports on vehicle parameters

Intuitive interface in a web browser

Possibility to generate lists for individual types of fleet

Possibility of integration with other on-board systems – e.g. video surveillance, alcohol interlock