Pantograph camera

The pantograph operation supervision system allows for the analysis of its position in relation to traction and the recording of flares. If the line of contact between the collector and the traction line is established outside the acceptable area, in the event of a discharge or damage to the pantograph overlay, a part of the recorded image is specially marked and blocked against overwriting. The dispatcher is informed about this fact through the management system (dispatcher software for monitoring systems in vehicles), which automatically downloads photos from the event with GPS position. This allows, among others to report the failure to the OCL administrator. The pantograph observation cameras are housed in heated
housings with infrared illuminators and optionally with a self-cleaning function.

System Features:
analysis of position and inclination in relation to traction
traction flare analysis
analysis built into the camera
integration with the on-board management / diagnostics system and the vehicle monitoring system.

Durable housing, high degree of tightness, built-in heater and long-range infrared illuminator built outside the lens glass make the PAN-2VA.1 camera perfectly suitable for use as a pantograph observation camera.

Features of the devices:

Aluminum housing

Protection degree IP68, impact resistance IK10

Supports Full HD resolution at up to 60 fps

Protective P2A glass

A wide range of lens focal lengths to choose from – from 2.0mm to 8.0mm

Working temperature from –400 do +700 C

Built-in infrared illuminator with a range of up to 50m

Possibility to use software for analyzing the position and flares of pantographs

Compliance with EN50155 and EN45455 standards confirmed by test results